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Resco Keyboard Pro 6.00 BETA 2

Resco Keyboard Pro 6.00 BETA 2
Requirements: Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.x
Resco Keyboard Pro fully substitutes the built-in keyboard while offering superior features.

All resolutions

The main improvements and new features of the version 6.00 are:

- Secondary and national characters available from the main keyboard layout
- More special characters
- New keyboard layouts
- Easy FX buttons editing and text preview
- Touch friendly layout switching
- Calculator displays performed operations and signs
- Easy to reach text editing functions (Copy, Paste, etc...)
- Direction buttons for easier text editing on devices without d-pad
- Secondary language appears as second keyboard (up to four keyboards)
- Keyboard Settings available from Start Menu

After some testing and requests from you, the Beta 2 is beeing released. There are some new options in the Settings and some minor bugs have been changed


Download to PC Clickshere

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