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PlayStation Emulator FpseCE Pocket pc windows phone

Free PlayStation Emulator  FpseCE
System requirements: WM2003 - WM6
Additional requirements: 3D Accelerator
Screen resolution: VGA (480x640)

4 users Italian team came to the PlayStation emulator for the PocketPC, which is free.
There is FpseCE in version 0.09.2 and it still works.

SONY PlayStation game console is the best and have the opportunity to play these games on
their pocket computer to you or can not yet imagine.

Description of Application

FpseCE is the only Playstation 1 emulator running on a PocketPC platform.
The program itself will still need PocketISO for image compression CD into your PocketPC acceptable.
For an idea what the game is possible thanks to dynamic Recompiling use:

* Alien Resurrection PAL
* Darkstone PAL
* Diablo PAL
* Driver 2 PAL
* FIFA 2001 PAL
* Grand Theft Auto PAL
* Harry Potter PAL
* MetalGearSolid PAL
* Rayman 2 PAL
* SilentHill PAL
* The Mummy PAL
* Tomb Raider 5 PAL
* ... and many others

Filename: fpsece.rar

Download to PC Clickshere


For Latest Verion of FPSEce 0.10.1 supporter click here

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